President’s Message

President's Message

For me, it is an honor to give this message as President of the largest sports association in Aruba, which also happens to be the association of the most beautiful sport in the world. Football is the most discussed sport in Aruba, as it also is in the rest of the world. Every fan, player, coach, referee, administrator and reporter have something to say about football.

Football is also the sport of the people. Football has no distinction and there is a very low threshold for each one that wants to play. As an association, we cherish and consider that our biggest plus.

But as an association, we also must keep high standards on transparency, integrity, accountability and compliance. This means that for an association football is not only about matches and trophies (although important), but also about having sound management in place with good governance as a key element.

In the meantime, there is also the constant need to keep on working on improvements in all areas, whether it is player development, youth football, refereeing, coaching, women’s football, national teams, competitions and infrastructure.

With new structures and developments set in place to take football in Aruba to higher levels of performance, the future looks bright for the sport, the clubs, the players, the fans and all other stakeholders.

With warm Aruban regards,

Egbert Laclé